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New electric car charging stations
New electric car charging stations


Energy Industries installed seven electric car charging stations for Better Place this week.

The installations handled by Energy Industries are in six locations on O‘ahu and one on Maui.
•    Bishop Museum (two pedestal units)
•    Hawai‘i USA Federal Credit Union (two wall-mounted units)
•    HMSA Building on Ke‘eaumoku (one wall-mounted unit)
•    Kapolei Shopping Center (one wall-mounted unit)
•    Mark’s Garage (one pedestal unit)
•    Nimitz Center (one wall-mounted unit)
•    Ka‘anapali Alamo, Maui (one wall-mounted unit)

“Our people really enjoy working with Better Place and these businesses to navigate the unique challenges that come with installing charging stations,” said Miles Kubo, chief operating officer for Energy Industries. “The engineers have fun coming up with solutions to, well, make Hawaii a better place.”

Electric car drivers can use the Better Place charge spots free of charge through the end of 2012 by signing up for a free membership at www.betterplace.com/hawaii.

Better Place received funding through the Hawaii Renewable Energy Development Venture. The stations installed by Energy Industries will be among 130 charge points in over 40 locations on four islands in Better Place’s initiative to install a network of charging stations for electric cars throughout the Islands.

This smart network will optimize charging, increase electric grid efficiency by avoiding peak-demand periods and increase grid stability by taking advantage of the storage electric car batteries can provide.

Better Place is the leading global provider of electric car networks that enable the mass market adoption of electric cars through an innovative battery switch model that makes driving electric cars more affordable, convenient and sustainable than today’s gasoline-powered cars. Better Place owns and operates a network of battery switch stations and public/personal charge spots, along with the supply of batteries that power the cars, to provide drivers with instant range extension and the convenience to drive, switch and go across an entire region. Where possible, Better Place uses renewable sources of energy to deliver fully zero emissions driving. The World Economic Forum has named Better Place a “Global Growth Company Industry Shaper” for its innovative approach in advancing the global switch to electric cars. Check out www.betterplace.com


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